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About QuantumToMarket

QuantumToMarket is an advisory firm specializing in guiding quantum companies through the complex journey of commercialization. Led by high-tech industry veteran Don Grust, QTM offers a range of services tailored to the unique needs of quantum businesses, including startup formation, product strategy, go-to-market planning, strategic partnerships, business development, business plans, and fundraising. With deep expertise in both the technical and business aspects of quantum technology, QTM helps companies unlock the full potential of their innovations and navigate the evolving landscape of the quantum market.

QuantumToMarket’s journey started with a passion for quantum innovation.

Our Services

Discover our comprehensive quantum product commercialization services.

Product Market Strategy

Who will buy your product and why? QuantumToMarket specializes in crafting comprehensive product strategies tailored to the unique needs of quantum companies. This includes working closely with clients to produce effective value propositions and business models that drive product-market fit. From assessing market opportunities and the competitive landscape to defining your whole product strategy, QTM provides guidance every step of the way. Whether you are entering a new market or forming a new business, QTM is here to help you chart a course for success.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships are complicated to forge but essential for success in the quantum industry. QuantumToMarket specializes in identifying and fostering partnerships that enhance the quantum ecosystem and drive business growth. Whether you are seeking collaboration opportunities with other quantum companies, academic institutions, or industry partners, QTM brings years of experience nurturing and closing complex partnerships that complete your whole product and drive competitive advantage.

Go-to-Market Planning

Launching a new quantum product requires careful planning and execution. QTM’s go-to-market planning services will help you navigate the complexities of bringing quantum products to market effectively. This includes working with clients to develop strategies that leverage their strengths, target the right customer segments, and maximize market penetration. From marketing and sales tactics to distribution channels and customer support, will help you create a plan that drives results and accelerates your path to success.

Business Development

Effective business development is key to unlocking new opportunities and driving growth in the quantum industry. Our business development services are designed to help you identify and capitalize on market opportunities, expand your customer base, and increase revenue. Whether you’re looking to enter new markets, forge strategic alliances, or secure key accounts, QTM brings experience and hustle to help you achieve your business development objectives. From market analysis and lead generation to negotiation and closing deals, QTM works with you every step of the way to drive business growth and success.

Explore Bringing Quantum To Market With Us

Advisory Services

Customized consultancy to build your profitable quantum business

Strategy Development

Crafting effective strategies for quantum product success

Business Development

Driving growth and partnerships for quantum companies

Go-to-Market Planning

Expert planning to bring quantum products to market

Funding Assistance

Pitch deck development and fundraising support

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